Minimaliste cuts its hardy tiny house down to size

We typically associate Canadian tiny house builder Minimaliste with large and luxurious models that stand up to extreme weather. Its latest build offers the same hardy design, but has been shoehorned into a far smaller size, packing all the basics needed for a short stay into a towable home with a length of just 22.5 ft (6.8 m).

The unnamed tiny house was commissioned by a customer who had previously purchased a full-size tiny house from Minimaliste, and this smaller model – which is almost half the size of the company’s recent homes – will serve as a guesthouse for friends and family on their property. Indeed, the firm is keen to stress it’s not designed for full-time living, though it’s still more fully featured than some of the full-time tiny houses we see in Europe.

The interior measures roughly 220 sq ft (20.4 sq m)
The interior measures roughly 220 sq ft (20.4 sq m)


It’s based on a double axle trailer and finished in vertical cedar, with Shou Sugi Ban-treated cedar accenting. Like other models by Minimaliste, it was made using structural insulated panels (SIPs) and has a high level of airtightness, meaning it will perform well even in extremes of heat and cold.

The interior measures roughly 220 sq ft (20.4 sq m) and features a modern and unfussy layout that flatters the small space available, with generous glazing ensuring plenty of natural light permeates within. Visitors enter into the living/dining area, which contains a four-seater sofa bed and space for a TV to be installed. Heating and cooling comes from a mini-split air-conditioning unit, though there’s also a backup electric heater here (and another propane heater stashed elsewhere), plus a ceiling fan.

The kitchen is nearby. This is where the biggest compromises have been made due to lack of space, in comparison with previous Minimaliste models – there’s no breakfast bar or dishwasher, for example. It contains a farmhouse-style sink, a four-burner induction stove, a fridge/freezer, and cabinetry. The kitchen lacks an oven too, but in the space under the stove where you’d expect to find one is a maintenance closet with a water filter, a small water heater and wiring for the LED lighting. The bathroom connects to the kitchen and contains a vanity sink, a composting toilet (though this can be converted to a flushing unit if the owner’s needs change down the track), as well as a shower.

There's just one bedroom in the tiny house, which is a standard loft space with a low ceiling
There’s just one bedroom in the tiny house, which is a standard loft space with a low ceiling


There’s just one bedroom in this tiny house and it’s reached by a storage-integrated staircase that hosts quite a few little nooks, as well as a pantry for the kitchen. The bedroom itself is a typical tiny house-style loft space with a low sloping ceiling and room for a double bed, plus some storage space.

We’ve no word on the price of this custom smaller model, or even if another could be built, but the larger Minimaliste tiny houses typically start at CAD 97,000 (US$77,500) and can rise to a lot more, depending on options and the model chosen.

Source: Minimaliste

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