Sony helps set the mood with lantern speaker that flickers like a candle

Subdued lighting and the right choice of tunes can help set a relaxing tone for the porch party or campout, but instead of having to break out separate devices, Sony has launched a portable lamp/speaker hybrid that offers 360-degree sound and puts out a candle-like glow.

“The LSPX-S3 is a sleek and streamlined speaker that seamlessly blends with any environment,” said Sony’s VP of Home Entertainment and Sound, Daisuke Kawaguchi. “With crystal clear sound and a unique flickering candlelight mode, this speaker is designed to create an inviting atmosphere that delivers incredible audio quality.”

The base of the unit is home to a 46-mm mid-range driver and an optimized passive radiator, while three actuators attached to the glass tube up top essentially make for a glass tweeter.

The glass cylinder also rocks a LED light at its base that can be adjusted over 32 brightness levels via a touch sensor to the rear, but there’s also a special mode that sees it flicker like a candle. And if you’re in the mood to party, there’s even a setting for syncing a gentle pulse to the beat of the music.

The LSPX-S3 can help set the mood indoors or out, plugged into a wall socket or on battery power
The LSPX-S3 can help set the mood indoors or out, plugged into a wall socket or on battery power


Users pair a music source such as a smartphone with the LSPX-S3 over Bluetooth 5.0, and there’s support for high resolution streaming courtesy of the LDAC codec. Each speaker can act as left or right audio channels in a connected stereo pair, or listeners can sync music and lighting on multiple units with Party Connect. Sony’s Music Center app can also be used for remote operation, and to set a sleep timer.

Though the lamp/speaker can be powered via a wall socket over USB-C, it benefits from a built-in battery for up to eight hours of per-charge portable use.

As the name might suggest, the LSPX-S3 is Sony’s third outing for a lantern speaker, with previous versions appearing in 2016 and 2019 and costing US$799 and $499, respectively. This third generation model is the cheapest yet, though still carries a high price tag of $349.99. Those looking for a less pricey alternative might want to consider the result of a partnership between Ikea and Sonos, the $190 Symfonisk Wi-Fi table lamp.

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