Naran four-seater “hyper-coupé” promises 1,043 hp for the family

Naran Automotive has launched its first car, imaginatively called the Naran. The Naran Naran, if you will. The gentleman behind it, one Mr. Ameerh Naran, hopes to bring a luxury GT3 racecar driving experience to the road, and we hope Naran’s Naran Naran can deliver on that promise.

This car is very much a team effort; Naran has pulled together experts from all over the automotive industry to realize this project. The design, for example, is the work of Jowyn Wong, who penned the profoundly outrageous Apollo Intenza Emotione as well as the retro-sensual De Tomaso P72. The Naran looks pretty anonymous next to those two, to be honest. Not terrible, just a tad “Japanese sports car with a body kit.”

Then again, the Apollo and De Tomaso are supermodels built to grab attention everywhere they go, and this car has racetrack aspirations. Wong is certainly demonstrating an impressive range in his design work, but while this one looks nice enough, it’s not going to drop jaws like his others do. Hopefully ex-Aston Martin Lagonda designer Kate Montgomery does something a bit more interesting with the interior.

The back end sure looks smooth
The back end sure looks smooth

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The front-mid mounted engine, 5.0 liters’ worth of twin-turbocharged V8, is “being crafted in Germany with partners Racing Dynamics,” a noted BMW tuning outfit, which might be a clue as to the engine’s heritage. Targets are 1,048 horsepower and 1,036 Nm (764 lb-ft) of torque, ensuring the Naran Naran a spot on our list of the world’s most powerful cars. The 0-60 mph (0-96 km/h) sprint will take less than 2.3 seconds, 0-100 mph (0-161 km/h) is slated for 4.56 seconds, and top speed will be somewhere over 230 mph (370 km/h).

The handling and vehicle dynamics are the responsibility of Daniel Mense, founder of EY3 engineering, who led the dynamic design of the electric Nio EP9 that laid down a blistering 6:45 on the Nurburgring in 2017, claiming the production car lap record. He’s also worked on everything from World Touring Car Championship winners to Le Mans prototypes, so he knows how to make cars go around corners.

Suspension will be race-spec from Ohlins, four way adjustable, and there’ll be race-grade hydraulic steering, carbon-ceramic brakes, and adjustable anti-roll bars at the front and rear. It’ll roll on 22-inch carbon rims, to match its carbon-composite bodywork, which is enhanced with flax/carbon composites in certain areas to show off an interesting natural finish and dampen vibrations a bit better than the rest of the carbon composites.

Naran promises more downforce than a GT3 car
Naran promises more downforce than a GT3 car

Naran Automotive

The aerodynamic treatment, including generous splitters, diffusers, wheel well vents and a great big rear wing, will give it more downforce than a GT3 car, at 3,036 lb (1,377 kg). It’ll have more seats than a GT3 car, too, with two full-sized fronties and the facility to fold children and masochists into two more at the rear.

If the idea of owning a Naran Naran seems a little silly, don’t worry, you can customize everything on this car, right down to the model name. Only 49 will be built, with further details to be released early next year.

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