Rezvani sticks more wheels on its ludicrous urban war machine

The Hercules 6×6 is coming, placing an extra rotating dollop of rough-hewn testosterone on each side of what was already the most outrageously overcompensatory SUV the market had to offer.

Based in Irvine, California, Rezvani is the kind of company that’ll sell you a sportscar called the Beast Alpha with a straight face. Its SUV, called the Tank, is available in regular and “Military” versions, each offering V8 motor options up to 1,000 horsepower, and the latter fully bulletproof and loaded to the gunwales with James Bond-grade gadgetry.

This really is the ultimate car for super unpopular people. We’re talking smoke screens, electrified door handles, sirens, strobes, blinding lights, gas masks, thermal night vision systems, ram bumpers and EMP protection. Oh, sure, you’re laughing now, but when the nukes start falling, your Rezvani Tank-owning neighbor will be grimly ripping his sleeves off and applying camouflage face paint while you’re flapping about like civilian scum.

Darkened renders are all we have at this point, but customer deliveries will begin in summer 2020
Darkened renders are all we have at this point, but customer deliveries will begin in summer 2020

Rezvani Motors

Now, with the Hercules 6×6, you can get one that’s even bigger and more outrageous. “Designed to be an antidote to the current dull truck segment,” this “extreme utility vehicle” will feature a steel body on frame construction and FOX racing shocks. Rezvani says it’ll be daily-drivable as well as offering “serious off-road chops.”

Like the Tank, it’ll come in a regular flavor and a Military Edition special with all the fruity toppings a Dan Bilzerian-grade Instagram flexer or drug cartel enforcer could possibly desire. We expect it will have the same engine options, too.

These renders are all we’ve got to look at right now, but the Hercules is available for reservation today and deliveries are set to begin in summer 2020. That starts in (checks phone) three days, so they’re clearly just about ready to rock on this. The Tank starts at US$155,000, so you can expect Hercules to start a fair way north of that.

Source: Rezvani Motors

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