Singtel claims network-level security first

Singtel claims network-level security first

Singtel CEO for Consumer Singapore Anna Yip claimed the operator had pushed cybersecurity to the next level as it unveiled a service offering network-level protection to combat what it stated is a growing attack plane fuelled by 5G.

The security-as-a-slice service employs Palo Alto Networks’ machine learning-powered firewalls and cloud-based cybersecurity products. Singtel stated the service will be available for consumers and enterprises in the coming months.

Yip said the service would offer “peace of mind” to users by offering protection “from ever-evolving and increasingly sophisticated cyber threats”.

Singtel explained viruses, malware, spyware, phishing links and malicious websites can be proactively identified and blocked in real time at the network level, preventing them from accessing users’ mobile devices.

The operator claimed it is one of the first in the world to offer the network-based security capability.

Palo Alto Networks SVP of network security Anand Oswal said 5G security “must be constantly enhanced” because the technology is attractive to attackers.

Singtel said the service protects all types of 5G network devices, including IoT connections, with real-time security updates performed at the network level.


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