Start building your own websites with Python and Django

Start building your own websites with Python and Django

The seven-course Python & Django Web Development Bundle is on sale for less than $30 for a limited time online.

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Python is the world’s most popular programming language for good reason. Not only is it easier to learn than other programming languages, but its general-purpose and highly scalable nature makes it an especially valuable tool for a programmer.

If you’re looking to improve your skills this year, learning Python is a great step to take. What better way to learn Python than to understand how to apply it to web development? In The Python & Django Web Development Bundle, you’ll get seven courses and 10 hours of training teaching you how to use Python and Django to build complete websites.

These courses are taught by John Elder, creator of one of the first internet advertising networks in 1997. Starting out, you’ll download and install Python 3 for free, understand basic computer science concepts, learn object-oriented programming and get familiar with the basics of Python. From there, you’ll get a basic introduction to Django and how it works with Python. You’ll install Django and learn how to build simple websites, learn basic CSS with Bootstrap, and discover how to create views and pages and use templates.

As you progress, you’ll dive into real-life projects to build out your skills and resume. Some of the projects you’ll take on include a web authentication app, cryptocurrency news site, crypto portfolio app, to-do app and more. Through your work, you’ll get familiar with a range of tools that will help you streamline your workflow.

Become a web development expert in Python. For a limited time, you can get The Python & Django Web Development Bundle for a major discount at just $29.

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