Superperformance retouches the iconic Shelby Cobra

Don’t mess with perfection, right? But sometimes it’s hard not to wonder how a little tweak here or there might further perfect that perfection. That’s the tack Superperformance takes with its latest Shelby Cobra reproduction. Instead of merely recreating the Shelby-licensed car as it was in 1965, it adds a few updates to give it a meaner, more modern look. A gorgeous striped paint job finishes off a Cobra sure to spin the heads of Shelby aficionados and car neophytes alike.

If you know your way around a Shelby Cobra, Superperformance’s new Cobra MKIII-R likely looks very familiar but slightly off. The California replica and continuation car shop uses a light but firm hand in updating the design, slotting a prominent splitter below the unmistakable oval grille that sits between LED headlamps. It also modifies the hood design.

Moving back along its profile, the new MKIII-R stands on the same wheelbase and wears the usual voluptuous curves but gets an extra touch of retro with scalloped front and rear fenders. It also has black mesh vents and an aggressive rear diffuser. Splitting the car in half, anthracite stripes add some depth to the Atlantic Blue paint.

The big diffuser and scalloped fenders give the Superperformance's new Cobra MKIII-R a more aggressive look
The big diffuser and scalloped fenders give the Superperformance’s new Cobra MKIII-R a more aggressive look


“With a major motion picture release last year that highlighted the Cobra, this vehicle’s popularity is at an all-time high,” said Superformance CEO Lance Stander. “The Superformance MKIII-R is the perfect combination of an old-school classic automobile infused with a bit of modern-day flair.”

Inside, the main upgrade is the electronic gauges facing the driver. Superperformance also French-stitches the seats in body color-accented thread and adds some extra leather around the transmission tunnel. Power steering comes standard, and buyers can add optional push-button ignition and six-piston front brakes.

The interior receives some body-matched stitching, electronic gauges and added leather
The interior receives some body-matched stitching, electronic gauges and added leather


Beyond the subtle 21st century updates, the MKIII-R stands on the same solid footing as Superperformance’s other Cobra builds. Its jig-welded parallel ladder frame is built up from 2 x 4-in rectangular steel tubing and hand-laid fiberglass body panels reinforced with steel bars. The 18-in wheels come cushioned by independent unequal length A-arm front and rear suspensions with adjustable Bilstein coils up front.

The $79,900 Cobra MKIII-R comes as a rolling chassis without engine, and Superperformance offers installation kits for Ford 302, 351, 460 and 427/428 cu-in engines with Tremec five-speed or Ford top-loader four-speed transmissions.

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