Top 10 architectural oddities of 2022

This year certainly produced more than its fair share of unique architecture and we’ve decided it’s high time to look back and highlight the best examples we’ve seen in 2022. From a plan to build a huge floating city that’s shaped like a turtle to a skyscraper in the desert that would reach 170 km (105 miles) in length, read on for our top 10 architectural oddities of 2022.

Our look at 2022’s most unusual architecture runs the gamut from projects that don’t have any chance of being realized to those that are actually completed and in use.

The projects in our collection below are presented in no particular order, and hail from all over the world. Europe, China, and North America all feature, and, as you’d expect, there’s more than one Dubai-based project too. Some are crazy, some are ridiculous, but some are also rated highly by architecture critics worldwide, including an unusual skyscraper housing development and a museum that’s a genuine engineering feat – so it’s not all wacky blue-sky thinking, by any means.

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