Updated Screecher solar-powered four-wheeler pedalcycle rolls out

A couple of years ago, we covered a two-seat electric pedalcycle called the Screecher that rocked a curved solar canopy above the rider to charge its batteries. Now the next generation is going into limited production.

“We believe the Screecher solves the global need for carbon-neutral solutions, specifically an environmentally friendly transportation vehicle, that not only puts the buyer at the forefront of renewable energy transportation technology, but saves them money too,” said Michele M. Schnitzel, COO at Sunox.

The basic specs of the new model are pretty much the same as before, with two 350-W electric hub motors to the rear getting the rider up to 15 mph (24 km/h) with the twist of the grip throttle, while each producing 30 Nm (22 lb-ft) of torque.

The ride can roll for a motor-only range of up to 20 miles (32 km) per charge, up to 35 mi (56 km) in pedal-assist mode, or as far as you need to go on pedal power alone. A 12.8-Ah/48-V Li-ion battery pack is charged up by the personal mobility vehicle’s solar panels in around six hours (in ideal conditions) or four hours via a supplied AC charger. And that battery pack can be removed for topping up in the office or at home.

The most noticeable change to the design is the utility box behind the rider instead of the passenger seat. This is also topped by photovoltaic cells, and regenerative braking could also eke out a little more juice for the batteries. A trailer can also be hitched to the Screecher for extra utility.

The Screecher has a central suspension setup under the rider's seat
The Screecher has a central suspension setup under the rider’s seat


The frame has also undergone a design refresh, looking much slicker this time around. The personal mobility vehicle is now constructed from aluminum and marine ply, measures 32 x 70 x 64 inch (81 x 177.8 x 162.5 cm), tips the scales at 140 lb (63.5 kg), and the roof canopy can be removed and the Screecher folded in half for between-ride transport.

It rides on 20-inch pneumatic tires to the front, and 16-inch pneumatic tires at the back, and Sunox says that the pedalcycle has been tested on paved roads, gravel, beaches and forest trails, with a central suspension setup under the rider’s seat absorbing some of the bumps along the way.

Cruise control can be activated on the LCD display, which is canceled by braking. The display shows ride mode, assist level, remaining charge, ride speed and other operating information, and sports a USB charging port for topping up a mobile device while on the move.

The updated Screecher is now in limited made-to-order production for US$4,495, with units already shipping around the globe. As well as personal transportation, Sunox sees the four-wheeler being used in tourist hotspots, university campuses, business parks and more. The video below shows the Screecher in action.

SUNOX presents the Screecher

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