Verizon wheels out 5G for Indy 500 fans

Verizon wheels out 5G for Indy 500 fans

Verizon teamed with NBC Sports to recreate the upcoming Indianapolis 500 motor race for fans in AR, marking its latest effort to stir interest in sports-related 5G applications.

The operator said select fans will be provided access to an AR hub through a compatible smartphone, allowing them to control their view of the race using footage transmitted by a 5G-enabled 360-degree camera placed at the centre of the stadium.

Verizon homed in on sports as a way to demonstrate 5G use cases, deploying the technology in 24 arenas across the US by 13 February. Previous demonstrations included AR and VR fan experiences for American football and basketball.

Nicola Palmer, Verizon’s chief product development officer, stated 5G offers a way to bring sports fans “into the heart of the action and provide a new and immersive viewing experience”.

Verizon noted 5G can also help TV producers reduce camera set-up time and offer new angles by making previously tethered kit wireless.

Palmer added the technology also speeds transmission off-site, enabling remote production.


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