Video: Pint-sized Pingora turns tiny house design on its head

Wind River Tiny Homes recently completed a new tiny house named the Pingora. The towable home comes with a relatively affordable price tag and features a compact interior with an “upside-down” layout that positions the bedroom downstairs and the living room upstairs.

The Pingora is based on a double-axle trailer and has a length of 24 ft (7.3 m), which is smaller than most tiny houses we see in North America nowadays. For example, it’s almost half the length of Wind River Homes’ recent Pisgah Park Model. It’s finished in textured engineered wood siding and comes in multiple colors, inside and out (as shown in the photos).

The home’s decor is made up of painted sheetrock walls, with a spruce tongue and groove ceiling and hardwood floor. Its most notable feature is the layout which, as mentioned, places the bedroom downstairs and raises the living room to another level, like Baluchon’s Ellèbore. This sort of layout tends to makes the bedroom seem a little more claustrophobic compared to typically laid-out tiny houses, which usually put the tiny house bedroom in the loft, though it offers some practical benefits too. The arrangement means that it’s a lot easier to get into bed, especially as the owner ages.

The Pingora's interior layout places the bedroom downstairs and the living room upstairs
The Pingora’s interior layout places the bedroom downstairs and the living room upstairs

Wind River Tiny Homes

The living room is situated directly above the bedroom and accessed by a few storage-integrated steps. It looks quite snug in there but has enough room for a sofa and a coffee table and TV, and it also has a large window, which will frame the view nicely given its raised position.

Nearby, back on the ground floor, is the kitchen. This takes up the center of the home and includes an electric cooktop, sink, a fridge/freezer, space for a washer/dryer, custom cabinetry and, optionally an oven. There’s also a mini split air-conditioning unit installed for heating and cooling.

The Pingora’s bathroom is situated on the opposite side of the home to the living room and looks quite snug. It has a shower, vanity sink, and a flushing toilet. Above the bathroom is a small secondary loft that can be reached by ladder and offers a little extra storage space.

The Pingora's kitchen takes up the center of the home
The Pingora’s kitchen takes up the center of the home

Wind River Tiny Homes

The home is currently available for purchase for US$89,200 and also comes in a larger version which has a length of 30 ft (9 m). Check out the video below for a tour.

FOR SALE! The Pingora Guided Walkthrough

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