Acer unveils industry’s first 17-inch Chromebook

Chromebooks are a great option for folks who work, learn or play mostly online, generally coming with relatively low-spec hardware and having users create, save and store their work online. One of the first company’s out of the Chromebook gate was Taiwan’s Acer, and now the consumer electronics giant is the first to launch a 17-inch Chromebook.

“Since the introduction of Chromebooks 10 years ago, Acer has been a leader in expanding form factors in innovative ways that encourage our users to create, learn, and do more,” said the company’s James Lin. “Today, we hit another milestone by being the first Chromebook provider to introduce a 17.3-inch model, the ideal size for users working and learning from home.”

That Full HD display benefits from an anti-glare coating, and is surrounded by narrow bezels, and a touchscreen flavor is available for those who prefer hands-on screen time, too.

As well as offering more onscreen real estate, the bigger display will also give Zoomers bigger one-to-ones via the included Wi-Fi 6 connectivity and optional HD wide-angle webcam, or allow more room to squeeze in group chat members.

The Chromebook 317 rocks two upfiring speakers, but can also wirelessly connect to Bluetooth headphones
The Chromebook 317 rocks two upfiring speakers, but can also wirelessly connect to Bluetooth headphones


Acer says that the Chromebook 317 features the latest Intel Celeron dual-core processor and integrated Intel HD graphics, supported by 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage (which might not seem like a lot, but users likely won’t be storing files locally anyway). It boots up in as little as eight seconds, and comes with integrated malware protection to help keep users safe online.

A good-sized keyboard can be had with optional backlighting, and a large touchpad doubles as a numeric keypad, with upfiring speakers on either side for music on the move.

Other than the already mentioned 802.11ax Wi-Fi, connectivity shapes up as Bluetooth 5.0, two USB-C ports, two USB 3.2 Type A ports, and a microSD slot. And Acer is promising up to 10 hours of per-charge battery life.

The Chromebook 317 will go on sale next month for a starting price of US$379.99

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