DENSO Extends The Service Life Of Pipelines By Decades

DENSO Extends The Service Life Of Pipelines By Decades

DENSO Extends The Service Life Of Pipelines By Decades

An innovative product complementing the existing portfolio of DENSO Group Germany, which specializes in corrosion protection and sealing technology: DEXPAND®-CF70 repairs damaged sections of steel pipes and restores the structural integrity, i.e. returns them to their original level.

The pipelines can then be returned to permanent and reliable operation at the original maximum operating pressure –guaranteeing a long-lasting service life.

“Steel pipelines, whether they transport gas, water, or crude oil, are extremely costly. The issue of the service life of such transportation systems is therefore crucial”, explains Thomas Kaiser, Managing Director of DENSO Group Germany. “With our new product DEXPAND®-CF70, we are extending the service life of a pipeline by decades.”

As DEXPAND®-CF70 is a new carbon composite repair system, the pipeline can be repaired during ongoing operations –a very economical and quick alternative to other processes. If the pipeline is repaired with steel components, for example, it must first be decommissioned, which is costly.

If the costs of downtime, as well as the cost of labor and materials for replacement or repair with a steel sleeve, are taken into account, using DEXPAND®-CF70 generates a saving of approximately75 percent. The time required is also reduced by 50 percent: A repair using this innovative product only takes a maximum of two days. As it is not necessary to empty the pipeline or carry out welding or sandblasting operations, working with DEXPAND®-CF70 is not only very cost-effective, it is also environmentally friendly, safe and simple.

DEXPAND®-CF70 is suitable to repair defects where up to 80 percent of the original wall thickness has been lost. This means that almost all damage to the transportation pipeline which arises in practice can be easily and quickly repaired while the pipeline is still in operation. The system is suitable for operating temperatures of up to 70 degrees Celsius or 158 degrees Fahrenheit. Project-specific repair kits are available at short notice for repairs to damaged areas.

The independent laboratories of TÜV-Süd (certificate: IS-AN11-Muc/ml-1915) confirm the fatigue strength of the section repaired using DEXPAND®-CF70. Up until now, the planned usage period was generally up to 20 years. DEXPAND®-CF70 is one of the few systems which is certified for unlimited service life.

The carbon fibers used in DEXPAND®-CF70 are amongst the strongest industrially-produced fibers. One particular characteristic is that they partly have a higher strength than steel. This is why they play an important role in pipeline construction: carbon fibers achieve the best results in the longevity test –which corresponds to 100 years of use –for example, for repairing pipelines.

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